Online Principles to Practice Modules

Coming Soon

An online Professional Development Program for K-8 teachers on the five principles and associated teaching practices that form the foundation of Math Pathways and Pitfalls (MPP) and are aligned with the Common Core State Standards Mathematical Practices will soon be available. As it undergoes field-testing, the online MPP Principles to Practice Professional Development seeks to reaffirm what was observed in previous studies: that recommended MPP practices when implemented by teachers both in MPP lessons and in district-adopted curricula have an impact on learning opportunities and student outcomes in the classroom and overall teaching practice.

The online Professional Development translates the theoretical framework behind MPP into practical modeling activities, reflective surveys, and lesson plans delivered in a media-rich online platform. Designed to make research-based training available anytime, anywhere, and applicable to any district-adopted math lesson, the online training format presents the following benefits for school districts:

  • A cost-effective alternative to off-site training involving travel and time away from the classroom
  • Broader teacher access to self-paced training where they can pick up where they left off at a time convenient to them, and delve more deeply into principles and practices they want to master
  • A sustainable MPP resource that sits on the teacher’s computer
  • Flexibility of use because the online materials lend themselves to a hybrid model that could involve a combination of online and face-to face time.

Five modules covered in the online Principles to Practices Professional Development are:

Module 1: Building Mathematical Discussions
Module 2: Making Sense
Module 3: Confronting Pitfalls
Module 4: Visualizing and Connecting
Module 5: Capturing Key Ideas

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