Mathematics Instructional Materials

Math Pathways & Pitfalls (MPP) K–8 intervention curriculum, developed at WestEd, is founded on core principles for how children learn mathematics and a vision of rigorous and equitable academic achievement. In scientific research studies, Math Pathways & Pitfalls significantly increased the academic achievement of diverse students in all grades tested.

  • Use with the core curriculum or after-school, intersession, and resource programs
  • Address key number and numeration standards (with algebraic reasoning)
  • Foster academic language development
  • K-3 focus on place value, whole number sense, and operations with whole numbers, with algebraic reasoning woven throughout
  • 4-8 focus on rational number concepts and operations: fractions, decimals, percents, ratios and proportions with algebraic reasoning woven throughout
  • 20 or more core lessons and follow-up mini lessons per book
  • Designed to add value to any adopted curriculum.

Professional Development

Professional Development on Math Pathways & Pitfalls is offered to teachers and potential trainers.  The offerings include:

  • Implementation Institutes
  • Discussion Builders Workshops
  • Trainer of Trainers
  • Online Modules (coming soon)

Online Principles to Practice Modules

Teachers will soon be able to access professional development on MPP Principles to Practice through their computers.  These modules for K-8 teachers are completed online, and can be used alone or in combination with face-to-face professional development, and provide a model of the MPP principles and their related CCSS mathematical practices both within MPP lessons, and teachers’ own district-adopted lessons.  Teachers are supported in a media-rich environment as they plan and practice their own lessons.  Keep checking this website for updates.

CCSS Alignment

Since the Common Core State Standards came out in 2010 schools filter curriculum and assessments for CCSS alignment. Math Pathways & Pitfalls has developed K-8 intervention materials and lessons in Mathematics that are aligned to Common Core content standards in the domains of Operations & Algebraic thinking and Numbers and Operations. In addition, MPP has created a professional development model based on our 5 foundational principles, which align to the Common Core Mathematical Practices, to facilitate teachers’ understanding and use of best practices.

Partnership/Collaboration for Scalable Projects

Math Pathways & Pitfalls is prepared to collaborate with school districts, universities, educational consultants and other partners in Math and Science Partnerships, or similar partnerships.  The MPP staff understands that such partnerships are forged before responding to Requests For Proposals and upholds its role in the partnership.  MPP can contribute the following to a partnership:

  • Participation in proposal writing
  • A math curriculum and accompanying books based on research and tested in the field
  • Institutes for select Teacher leaders and/or Professional Development for teachers
  • A calendar of coaching activities and class observations
  • Evaluation Component to assess teachers’ content knowledge and practices (optional)
  • Participation in collaborative meetings
  • Implementation Reports